Meet Jess Carver: The Real Adventure Unlimited Q&A

Meet Jess Carver

NOW MEET: Jess Carver

We want to introduce you to the talented people who work here at The Real Adventure Unlimited. This week we catch up with Jess, so read on to hear about South Korea, Samsung and the Bath to Bristol Cycle Path….

Name: Jess Carver
Job Title: Junior UX Specialist
Joined: February 2016

The food is on a whole new level – go try Korean barbeque right now.

What does your job involve?

Every day is a mixed bag – from research interviews with users to test design concepts, wireframing solutions to design problems, putting together killer presentations, or even a Codecademy session.

You've got £1 for the tuck shop. What do you buy? 

It’s got to be some Caramel Snack a Jacks to dunk in some peanut butter.

Tell us about your greatest adventure. 

It has to be when I studied at the Samsung Art and Design Institute in Seoul, South Korea, for just under a year. I met some lifelong friends (as well as my current boyfriend!), travelled to some remote parts of the country, and worked on some eye-opening freelance projects. The food is on a whole new level though – go try Korean barbeque right now.

It’s an amazing country with some of the friendliest people – I’d encourage anyone to go!
Bristol's hidden gem - what or where is it?

The Bristol and Bath Railway Path – it’s a 13 mile ex-railway track that is just for walkers and cyclists. It’s tarmacked. It’s flat. It’s perfect to zip down for a day out in Bath with a few well-placed pub stops on the way.

Which is your favourite blog post on the TRA website?

Design is only a hypothesis’ by James Reece.

If you were MD for the day, what one rule would you introduce?

Want to hear more from Jess and her passion for all things design? Then check out @carver_design

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