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Meet Kim Brace

NOW MEET: Kim Brace

We want to introduce you to the talented people who work here at The Real Adventure Unlimited. This week, it’s Kim. She’s a talented, passionate, health-conscious member of the agency, who, as you’ll see if you read on, is slightly crazy and keeps us all smiling.

Name: Kim Brace
Job Title: Senior Account Director
Joined: Originally, September 2004

I used to be a tech house DJ. Now I do my weekend raving on a bike as a qualified spin instructor.

What does your job involve?

5.30 a.m., cycle path ninja, catching worms, black-room-yellow-room-stand-up meetings, striving, supporting, solving, encouraging, directing, laughing, being silly with my talented colleagues/friends. Fruit, nuts, beetroot. Go, go, go.

How long have you worked for The Real Adventure Unlimited?

I joined in September 2004, fresh out of the University of Bath, after attending a guest lecture from joint founder Ben Cook. I was The Real Adventure’s first ‘grad’ – that makes it sound a lot more official than it was – back then there were 20 of us in an old Georgian stable block in Bath. To get a feel for what it was all about, I set up my own business within the business, ‘Hot Stuff’, and moved around the departments of the agency, applying my learnings to my business – freshly made cheese toasties and jacket potatoes. I even had my own website and online ordering – fancy! All proceeds went to the Christmas party drink fund, which I made a sizable dent in, resulting in me having to be sent home before 9 p.m. Classy!

I earned my stripes in Client Services, working on both Cow & Gate and Aptaclub, right back when it all began, before Facebook was a twinkle in Mark Zuckerberg’s eye. I left for a couple of years to spread my wings and experience agency life elsewhere, but it wasn’t long before I realised that, for me, there was nowhere quite like The Real Adventure...

I returned in 2010 to lead the Aptamil account, delivering a number of innovative firsts for agency and client alike. More recently, I’ve been leading the Costa account, where we are responsible for the strategic development and delivery of the Coffee Club loyalty programme.

There are many things that have changed about the agency over the past 13 years, but there are other things that remain a constant – talent, eccentricity, a complete lack of personal agendas and an environment where you can truly be yourself and flourish.

Kim on the tour

Tell us about your greatest adventure

Flying across 300 miles of beautiful (hilly!) British countryside on my beautiful Roobs Manuva (bike), with gurt lushens across the Unlimited Group on the Tour de Creston 2016... I went DEEP into that experience… it was physical, spiritual; there were a few troughs and loads of peaks; it was rewarding, enlightening and hilarious; it was BRILLIANT!
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What is your favourite thing in or about the office?

The incredibly talented, eclectic and eccentric people I work with, who provide me with mental stimulation and fulfilment on a daily basis!

Tell us one interesting fact about you

I used to be a tech house DJ (in clubs, got paid, warmed up for Annie Mac, who'd a thought it?!). Now I do my weekend raving on a bike as a qualified spin instructor.

Write an exciting adventure in no more than THREE sentences

One day I was waiting for a train, when a yellow-winged unicorn flew up to me, stopped and said ‘ALRIGHT ME LOVER, FANCY A LIFT?!’ I replied, ‘You betcha, twinkle bum’. I hopped on, and on the way to Bristol we went, via the sky, and chilled out on a purple cloud for a little bit watching Prince performing the extended edit of Raspberry Beret. Then we cracked on and he dropped me off on the cheese grater bridge outside One Glass Wharf... lush.

“Sequin jumpsuit uniforms.”

Kim on: If you were MD for the day, what one rule would you introduce?

What aspect of CRM excites you the most?

Making a positive difference to someone’s life – whether it be making them smile, or providing them with a truly useful service that improves their life in some way.

You’re in a lift with the CMO of a big company; what are your go-to client examples of what The Real Adventure Unlimited does?

The Gift content of Aptaclub inspires and helps mums-to-be to make a positive difference to their baby’s future health. It doesn’t get more purposeful than that.

If someone was to visit Bristol, what should they see and do in a day and by night?

Take a 12-minute train to visit Bath instead. Have afternoon champagne tea at the legendary Pump Room, and check out the beautiful Skyline walk or spectacular views of the city at Alexandra Park in the day. Then go to the infamous, institutional Moles club at night.

You have access to the agency stereo. Which three songs do you put on?

  • Smalltown Boy – Bronski Beat
  • Playing with Knives – Bizarre Inc
  • Incredible – M-Beat ft General Levy
Kim may be wacky, but she’s absolutely right. Our agency is full of talented individuals who really pull together to make this an environment where everyone can flourish. Find out more about why this is a great place to work, and explore more of the individuals that make up The Real Adventure Unlimited.

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