Brace Yourself Bulletin: Weird and wonderful marketing #9

Welcome to the Brace Yourself Bulletin.

In my never-ending pursuit to understand what’s coming next, I occasionally surface some rather interesting gems. From innovation to reinvention, it could be wonderful or just plain weird. Either way, this regular update promises to make you think differently about marketing.

“Simon Brace, @RealAdventure Director of New Business, scouts the world of marketing for unusual news you might have missed.”

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E-tailer gets a wine bottle through your letterbox

It’s not magic; it’s plastic! Garçon Wines is a start-up that is launching imminently, claiming to be the first to deliver bottles of wine directly into your home, through the letterbox! The solution is a glass-like plastic bottle that is designed to fit in the postbox and survive the postal system.

Whether it solves a problem is debatable. Is it really such a hassle to receive a boxed delivery, or pop by your local convenience shop on the way home? I’m sure Majestic and Bargain Booze would suggest not. But then again, I never had a problem finding holiday accommodation before Airbnb, and now I wouldn’t book any other way.

Could this innovation disrupt the wine category in the same way? I expect not. But kudos for having the bottle to try. Cheers!

“E-tailer gets wine bottles through your letterbox – I’ll drink to that!”

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World… Nutella Day!?

On 4th February it’s World Cancer Day. Now that, I get. Another great opportunity to raise awareness of the issues surrounding the disease. On 11th February it’s International Hug a Tall Person Day (apparently!). A tongue-in-cheek campaign to promote hugs and happiness. Whilst rather random, I love its silly and worthy intentions. But, at the risk of offending Nutella lovers around the world, I cannot believe that 5th February is World Nutella Day. It’s actually a ‘thing’ – now in its 9th year!

Founded by a Nutella fan and blogger in the US, such is the passion for the product that the celebration very quickly achieved global reach, uniting fans in one forum to relieve their nutty obsession! In 2015, Ferrero were handed the rights to manage the Day – a fantastic brand opportunity to explode the ‘movement’ with expert strategy and creative, plus crucially, big budgets. Fair play to them.

It reminded me of other examples where consumer passion has fuelled a brand’s transition into another category, e.g. a brewery in the US has just launched an Oreo-flavoured beer, and who’d have thought there’d be demand for a candle that smells like a new Apple Mac?!

“5th February is World Nutella Day (it’s actually a thing). An important date for nutjobs all over the world!”

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Doggy tourism

Unless you’re in a Royal Park, when exploring the sights of London, you’ll probably find it isn’t the most dog-friendly city. To the rescue is the new K9 bus, a tour bus for dogs keen to check out the capital’s pooch-themed attractions: drooling over the dog art at The Kennel Club, or cocking a leg at the royal corgis in ‘Barkingham Palace’!

Sadly, it ran for just four days last month – an attention-grabbing stunt by More Than (dog) Insurance. But who knows, if adventure-hungry dogs howl loudly enough, we might just hear the growl of the K9 bus again. Now that would be paw-some!

“A tour bus for dogs? Now that’s paw-some!”

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