Preparing for birth?

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Peace of mind for expectant mums wherever they go, with a mobile app that helps them feel prepared for the most amazing thing they’ve ever done: give birth.

The challenge

As pregnant mums approach their due date, they begin to focus on feeling ready for birth. Plenty of services offer them advice, but we knew their main emotional drivers were around feeling prepared, in control and calm.

We positioned Aptaclub as a credible expert source of advice and support that empowers them to make more confident decisions.

The insight

Feeling prepared for birth isn’t just about practicalities; it’s deep-rooted in a mum’s self-esteem. Because the web is so full of people with conflicting opinions, mums want a credible source of clear, trustworthy information and the means to plan and take charge of their own personal experience.
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The work

Our existing Preparing for Birth app was already performing well, so we conducted user research to help create personas and a UX map for mums in late pregnancy to address their emotional and practical needs.

Based on this, the new app design included additional content to help mums feel prepared for birth and beyond. We added pre-populated checklists for everything from packing her hospital bag to questions for her midwife, an events diary so she never misses an appointment, tips tailored to her week of pregnancy, push notifications and an all-important contraction timer.

We’re delighted and impressed by how pregnant women have responded to the Preparing for Birth app. It’s tapped into a genuine need at this incredible time in their lives.

Trevor Smith
Senior Brand Manager, Aptamil Consumer Connections

The results

The app reached more than 30% of all mums, with the average user visiting 4 times. Virtually half of all visits were from returning users, with an average session time of nearly 12 minutes.

What’s more, we believe over 10,000 mums used our contraction timer during their labour in 2015!

“What's next? Optimising and refining the app design and experience, through push notifications and tips, and seeking out new ways to drive organic reach and advocacy beyond the app store.”

Kim Brace
Senior Account Director, The Real Adventure Unlimited

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